We have had a busy weekend, on Saturday we drove up the Columbia River Highway, our destination, Mt. Hood. We stopped by the Multnomah Falls, the second highest year round waterfall in the U.S., 620ft., the waterfall is fed by rain, snowmelt and underground springs on Larch Mountain.

Multnonmah Falls

Originally some tunnels were carved out of the hillsides, one of the biggest was carved out of the side of the mountain, it was an open tunnel with natural supports left on the open side to allow viewing as you travelled along the highway. This particular tunnel was destroyed in 1964, during re-construction. One tunnel remains as a point of interest, even though the road doesn’t pass through it. Huge solid oak beams support the tunnel walls and roof.

Oak lined tunnel

The construction of Vista House began on top of Crown Point in 1916, Samuel Lancaster, the highway’s chief engineer, called it an “Isle of safety to all the visitors who wish to look on that matchless scene”

Vista House
The view from Vista House

We then made our way on towards Mt. Hood, the mountain looks larger on the approach and somehow seems to look smaller as you get closer to it. I know that as you approach the mountain you are gaining altitude and therefor it looks smaller, but as we approached Portland on the train, Mt. Hood stood off in the distance and seemed to get less imposing as we approached Portland. An optical illusion.

The approach to Mt. Hood

The snow capped peak of Mt. Hood stands at 11,249 feet (3,429m) and is 50 miles east, south-east of Portland. The peak is home to twelve glaciers. It is the highest point in Oregon and the fourth-highest in the Cascade Range.Mount Hood is considered the Oregon volcano most likely to erupt, though based on its history, an explosive eruption is unlikely.

Mt. Hood
The view from Mt. Hood, the blue skies of Oregon

Yesterday we visited the huge Portland Rose Garden and the very impressive Japanese Gardens.

These two gardens are huge with acres of garden beds and ornamental gardens. There are about 22,000 plantings of around 620 species of roses growing in the gardens.


The Japanese Garden is also huge and takes up over 5 acres of land. The garden is immaculately manicured and is a wonderful tranquil place to visit, even though there may be thousands of other people enjoying the garden at the same time.

Japanese Gardens

More yoga tonight (Monday) and we’re off to the beach tomorrow.

See you soon

Lance & Barbara


  1. Hi Lance and Barbara,
    Obviously I received your post. Hope you are having an awesome time. (Obviously you are) The pics look absolutely amazing. Did you take the pics yourself? If so …WOW! they are awesome.
    Vista house looks awesome too and the sights you are experiencing really make the person inside (your psyche) feel good. You are privileged by the pics you have sent to be able to experience what else is available in the world.. From Mt hood to the Japanese gardens. WOW once again. Something we all want to experience! And that waterfall What a looooooong drop! That is why you worked for 30 odd years and now to soak up the world…well good luck to you. I’ll be looking forward to other posts and pics.
    Have a totally great holiday and absorb those memories so that when you come back to Australia you can close your eyes and get back there where you are at an instant on recall.
    Best wishes
    Ross N

  2. Hi Lance & Barbara

    You are getting around. alright….. the crater lake sure is bigger than ours!!
    beautiful scenery. Thanks for sharing
    Happy travels

  3. Hi Lance and Barbara
    I gotta say the scenery looks stunning. No issues with water there. From pictures I’ve seen of the Willamette River, it’s a darn sight cleaner than the river torrens. Sounds like you’re having a great time, all the best.
    Nick B

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