Guten tag from Dresden
We arrived in Dresden, our last destination in Germany and dragging our bags made our way to our hotel, which was only 500 metres from the Hautbahnhof.  After settling in we walked down Prager Straße towards the city centre to discover more of the city.  We walked through the centre, the main squares and over the Elbe River on our first explorative tour.


The centre of Dresden was completely destroyed by allied bombing raids in 1944.  There is much controversy about the air raids and disputes still rage about the number of casualties during this period, the figures range between 25,000 and 500,000.

Dresden Frauenkirche-restoration completed 2005

At the end of the war a lot of the city was left in ruins. The Russians contributed some buildings to the city, including an arts and cultural centre. After the war and after reunification a lot of restoration work has taken place. Much of it has been completed, but there are still areas where the work continues. The results are a very beautiful city.

Dresden from the tower of the Frauenkirche

One of the highlights of our time in Dresden was visiting the Dresden Frauenkirche (the main cathedral). The church remained a casualty of the bombings of 1944 until reconstruction began in 1994. It was completed in 2005 a year before the cities 800th anniversary.

Dresden-Former Stables

The church is beautiful inside, but also has a tower that can be climbed. We made our way up the 262 steps to the top of the tower to admire the view.  On the way up we also admired the restoration work that had been done on the tower/dome. Wagner wrote a piece of music that was to be performed in the dome – so that it sounded like angels singing from on high to the audience sitting in the church.

On the other side of the Elbe River we visited what’s billed as the ‘world’s most beautiful dairy shop’, Pfunds Molkerei.  The Pfund brothers founded the dairy in 1880. The interior of the shop is decorated with hand painted Villeroy & Boch tiles, top to bottom.  The shop fell into disrepair from the early 70’s before being completely restored in 1995.  It is claimed that condensed milk was first invented in the dairy. We had one of the best milkshakes ever in the restaurant.

After a three day stay in this beautiful city, which used to be called ‘the Florence of the north’, we hit the train station and headed for our next destination, Prague.

Auf wiedersehen
Lance and Barbara


  1. Hi guys, Another beautiful story. I loved Germany when we went to Bremen. There is something about the history of the place and the extreme beauty of the cities. Amazing to comprehend the horror of war and how it could have got so crazy. Ben and Amanda went to Prague and said it was stunning. Enjoy! Steve

    • Hi Steve & Sharon, Yes, the cities are very beautiful. I can’t even begin to understand hoe the people returned to destroyed cities and just got out the shovels and started rebuilding. At some of the places we have visited there is ‘footage’ of people doing just that, ‘starting again, extremely brave and resilient people, amazing.
      Lance and Barbara

  2. Sounds like you are very relaxed Lance. I am looking forward to hearing about Prague, definitely one for my next trip
    It’s freezing and third termish here if you can help it don’t come back …………

    • Hi Chris & Mike, We do feel very relaxed, even though this ‘tourist’ thing is hard work! I’m a bit behind with the blogs, hope to catch up soon. Prague is fantastic, an amazing city. We have been hearing how cold it is at home at the moment…..we are expecting to get a bit cooler in the next week or so.have sent the ‘shorts’ home.
      Lance and Barbara

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