Guten tag from Dresden
We arrived in Dresden, our last destination in Germany and dragging our bags made our way to our hotel, which was only 500 metres from the Hautbahnhof.  After settling in we walked down Prager Straße towards the city centre to discover more of the city.  We walked through the centre, the main squares and over the Elbe River on our first explorative tour. Continue reading “DRESDEN”


Guten tag

We arrived in Goslar late in the afternoon. We arrived at the City Wall and were the first car at the traffic lights so there was no-one to follow. Hilda told us to “veer to the left and then make a right turn at the second”, never quite figured out what the ‘second’ was, when I looked to the left all I could see was a ‘No entry’ sign, what I couldn’t see was that the road into the town went to the right of the sign, through the big Tower and ‘hey presto’ we were in the Medieval town of Goslar.  Continue reading “GOSLAR”


Guten tag

We arrived in Regensburg late on Saturday, checked into our hotel and decided to go and find a Laundromat – we were in need of clean clothes. We got directions from the young male receptionist at the hotel, programmed the GPS and headed off into town in search of the washing machines.  First attempt, failure, wrong information, wrong street, nothing that even resembled a Laundromat, back to the hotel, pick up the Lonely Planet Book and try again, program the GPS, off we go. (Completely wrong address given by receptionist – opposite side of the town) Through this whole process, it didn’t even occur to us it was 6pm on SATURDAY night!! Continue reading “REGENSBURG”


Hallo from Stuttgart

Last Wednesday we caught the train from Florence, first stop Milan, half hour changeover, the train was ten minutes late, but we made it….Milan to Zurich, through the Alps…wonderful scenery, we watched from our window, all the problems were happening on the road below us, major hold ups, kilometres and kilometres of trucks, cars and buses. We had a 20 minute changeover in Zurich and we were getting later and later.  Apparently another train had broken down causing our train to stop at nearly all the stations along the route, arriving in Zurich an hour late; consequently we missed the connection to Stuttgart. So much for Swiss efficiency!! We updated our tickets and caught the next train to Stuttgart, arriving about 2 hours later than planned. Continue reading “STUTTGART-NUREMBURG”