Kyoto Hotel

We arrived at Kyoto from Hiroshima at about 12.30, checked into our Hotel and made our way to The Taiko Drumming School where Barbara , Phil and Neralie had booked a drumming lesson. We made our way up to the office and were then taken up to the heavily sound proofed studio. The room was completed closed off, no outside light or air only an air conditioner to cool the drumming participants down. The lesson began with learning a little about the structure of the drum, made from one single piece of tree trunk hollowed out, covered with a “female” cow hide, tensioned. With that short explanation out of the way, drum sticks were selected and the lesson began. The rhythms began fairly basic and became more complex as the lesson progressed. Continue reading “KYOTO”



After checking into the Hotel we went into the city for a look around and COFFEE. As the sun was setting, we made our way to the Umeda Sky Building to see the night lights of Osaka. The building which stands at 173 metres is made up of two towers that are connected to each other on the 39th floor by the “Floating Garden Observatory” and offers fantastic views of this beautiful city. Continue reading “OSAKA”


Hi from Tokyo

We arrived at Tokyo airport on Tuesday morning at 6am after the overnight flight from Sydney, both tired from lack of sleep. After organising our train passes we made our way to Shinjuku Station where we were met by Phil and Neralie. Shinjuku Station comes as a bit of a shock when you first arrive in a dazed state, it has about 3 million visitors a day making it not only the busiest Metro Station in Tokyo, but one of the busiest in the world. Continue reading “TOKYO”