Hi all,

Yesterday we headed west to the coast to Cannon Beach. The coastline is ravaged by powerful storms in winter, thick fog and misty skies cover the shoreline in much of summer. This was the case yesterday, as we neared the coast, the skies were grey and showers were the order of the day. We arrived at Cannon Beach and headed north to Indian Beach in the Ecola State Park. We left the warmth of the car, put on our raincoats and headed for the first of many lookouts. Even though the weather was against us, the mist covered cliffs were a wonderful sight. Some of the trees were showing the signs of an entire lifetime of battling the strong winds that sweep up and over the cliffs. Continue reading “DOWN TO THE SEASIDE”

Hi from San Luis Obispo,

Barbara and I are on the train from Los Angeles to Portland, Oregon.

Our journey began on Saturday the 2nd, July, Adelaide, we flew to Sydney, had a two hour stopover, then boarded our giant Qantas A380 for the trip to L.A. The A380 is a fantastic aeroplane in spite of all the recent publicity, it is amazingly quiet and handles turbulence with ease. You can feel the plane riding through “rough air” but it feels incredibly sturdy, I suppose something that big takes a lot to shake it around. We arrived in L.A. an hour after we took off from Adelaide, thanks to the time difference. Continue reading “Hi from San Luis Obispo,”